How to measure your size of bra

a woman in a perfectly fitting bra

Finding the right size of bra is always a dilemma to all women across ages and physical sizes. If you have had most women’s challenges, you must have found yourself with a bra that either the cups are too small and the band is the right fit, or the cups are a perfect size but the band is saggy. And with that, more than 85% of women worldwide end up with an incorrect size of bra. This affects your posture, walking style, the comfort of your upper outfits, and even your moods!

Bra fitting measurement at home

A typical standard bra size combines the cup size and the band size. To do a bra fitting measurement at home, here are the steps;

Band size measurement- wear a faintly lined and stay-put bra, ensuring that your diddies feel the most natural possible. Wrap your measuring tape around the underbust, that is directly below your girls and flash with the bra band’s bottom part and note the measurement.   

Bust measurement- just like the band line, wind the measuring tape around the most full section of your bust, above the nipples. You should also ensure that the tape stays parallel with the bottom band line.   

Determining the cup size- get the difference between the bust size measurement and the band measurement.  The number you get is your cup size. Cup sizes though they are in inches, are denoted using the alphabets A to H, with A representing 1 inch and each letter representing a 1 inch increment.  

How to know that a bra is the correct fit

Snuggly fitting band- here’s a fact: the bra’s band and not the straps should provide most of the support to your girls. The band should therefore closely fit without being too tight, but it shouldn’t be possible to push two fingers through.

No side and top boobs- the cups should properly fit such that there is no tissue popping out the top or side of the cups to reveal under the armpits. If the bra has an underwire, you can test to determine if it’s your right fit by testing where its end reaches the midpoint of your armpits.

Comfortable center gore - the v-shaped center of the bra should produce a flat profile without forcing out some breast tissue. It should also be flexible to accommodate the distance between your breasts. If it’s too rigid, then you might end up with a uni-boob.

Please have a quick look at this short video on how to measure your bra size