The Truth About Trans Fatsillustration of trans fats harmful to the body

Researchers and scientists are releasing evidence from day to day, proving that the artificial trans fats that make up a large chunk of the modern junk foods, have one of the worst effects to your body metabolism.

If you are like most consumers who never bother to check what is on the food product nutrition stickers, then you are one of the many who are totally oblivious of the dangerous trans fats that they consume daily through these fast foods.

Scientific evidence proves that consuming just between a mere 1 and 2 grams artificial trans fats on a daily basis through your food choices marginally contributes to the risk of you contacting lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer among other deadly ailments. What is worrying is that a casual glance at the sticker on the sachet of crackers reveals they have trans fat content of up to four grams per serving.      

The trans fats are to be found primarily in fast junk foods, snacks, commercially oriented baked foods and the deep fried food items. Among all these foods, the average consumer takes between 20 and 30 gms of artificial trans fatty acids each day while being totally unaware. This is fatal news because the mere 1 to 2 grams per day have been proved to be a risk to health. You don’t need to be told this is a great danger lurking.

Another major problem is that unlike cigarettes and alcohol in which consumers are frequently reminded of their dangers to their health, almost all the mass population is ignorant of the health risks posed by trans fats, and their pervasiveness in the many foods they consume. Neither do they know which foods contain unhealthy levels of trans fats and which do not. They assume that the mere fact that a food product has the FDA approval implies that it is absolutely safe for their health in all measures.  

It’s worth to quickly note that this revelation should not make you condemn all trans fatty acids. We have the modern grievous processed trans fats which harm your health and the natural trans fats which are actually beneficial to your health and wellness.

Enhance regulation

Several and subtle as they may be, there is still some hope of their demise because the scrutiny on manufacturers is increasing by the day, forcing them to either cut down on or completely remove trans fats from the foods they make. Influential US metropolises such as Massachusetts and NYC, as well as some of the major chains of fast food outlets such as McDonalds, have stepped up the push to review and possibly entirely eliminate trans fats.

Our best caution is that you have full responsibility over your health and you shouldn’t be influenced by the manufacturers and restaurants that are there for profit. However, you shouldn’t then turn out to be a perfectionist, because obsession with perfectionism is more harmful than beneficial when you want to build a healthy diet routine.  You only need to be informed as much as you can about the prevalence of trans fatty acids, their effects on your health, which foods are the major culprits of these fats and how best to avoid them.

The alternative is to completely shun refined food products, by which you will absolutely be off the hook of trans fats.


Have you already been checking food product stickers?

If not, will you commit to be checking them before purchase and consumption?

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