ALP Strength & Conditioning

ALP Strength & Conditioning is an 8-week program designed to enhance the serious athlete’s performance. This program is a perfect supplement to the sport specific training a woman athlete is looking for to take their performance to the next level, as well as the competitive CrossFit athlete looking for an edge. All athletes wishing to participate in this unique, specially designed program must apply for a position and meet certain minimum athletic requirements before being accepted. These include having women’s waist trainer for working out. For more information, please contact us.

Members who have chosen to utilize personal training services have seen tremendous gains in meeting their goals whether that be for weight loss or performance. Although we love our group classes, individuals can always benefit from these services.

Mobility, simply put, is vital. Unfortunately this essential key to our movement is often overshadowed by strength and endurance. However, one must master flexibility to reach their full potential in the seemingly more glamorous aspects of fitness. Keen mobility improves your skill level, increases your maximum lifts, and allows for longer power output, but most importantly it keeps you safe. A broken system is vulnerable to costly compensations that result in achy joints, ugly movements, and possible injuries that can take you out of the game all together.

As physical therapists, we treat people on a daily basis who are often experiencing the results of these long-term compensations first hand. We would much rather catch everyone on the prevention side of their issues, determine what movements have potentially negative consequences, and provide them with a solid program to keep them moving. Our role as waist trainer for weight loss provider provides the perfect avenue to do just that! If you are broken (we all are) make an appointment so that we can help fix you!

DISCLAIMER: We unable to assist you out of the clinic setting with current injuries. These stretches are meant for maintenance, enhancing movements, and preventing injuries associated with poor mechanics. They are not meant to rehabilitate current injuries. Use at your own risk and stop if you think it’s going to hurt you, it seems too intense, or if something just doesn’t “feel right”. Don’t wait until you develop a nagging pain or an obvious injury to take accountability for yourself. If you have an injury that is bothering you please seek out the medical help you need.

Group Mobility Class

This class is designed to help you improve your movement mechanics, enhance performance, and remedy the funk in your joints.  Come ready to STRETCH your potential (pun intended).

Who is this for? ALL ATHLETES. Whether you are new or are a veteran CrossFitter this class will help you move more efficiently.

What You Can Expect:

We will perform recovery stretches from the previous week’s WODs, as well as learn prep work for the week ahead. We will work joint by joint through the whole body including:

  • Lower Leg and Ankle
  • Quads and Hip Flexors
  • Hip Mobilization Stretches
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Lats and Shoulders
  • Overhead Position

We will also test & retest in EVERY class. Based on that week’s programming you will test that movement at the beginning of the mobility class and re-test the movement at the end to see immediate impact with each class!